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A ban on chrysotile would impact the Thai economy. Calculations made in an economic impact study show that the total cost to both manufacturers and consumers will be 464 billion Baht (approximately US$ 14.6 billion).

Economic impact study
On April 12, 2011, the Thai government adopted a proposal to ban the import of chrysotile and the production of chrysotile containing products in Thailand which can be substituted with non-chrysotile based alternatives. The cabinet ordered the Ministry of Industry to look into the possibilities and the potential impact of such ban. However, there is still a debate whether there is really a substitute substance for some industries especially roofing materials. Moreover, there was neither an evidence of scientific medical studies conducted on the topic to date in Thailand nor identified record of health impacts among laborers or users in Thailand.

The economic impact study was conducted to examine the social and economic impact from the banning of chrysotile in high density cement roof tiles and evaluate the overall economic impact and cost, focusing on the post ban environment for chrysotile products. Moreover, it provides recommendations to assist in implementing effective policies with respect to the use of chrysotile in Thailand.

Click here to see findings of the economic impact study of the proposed ban of Chrysotile in Thailand.

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