Benefits of chrysotile products

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Chrysotile fibres are strong and durable. When mixed with cement to produce roof tiles and water pipes, the products are high quality and economical. Chrysotile has been used widely in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, for more than 60 years.

Chrysotile fibres have an exceptional strength and ability to be used as reinforcement material. Chrysotile has been in use in Thailand for 60 years due to its affordable cost. Over 90% of chrysotile imports to Thailand go into AC sheet and pipe production. Its exceptional strength is able to withstand the forces of nature.

  • Asbestos cement (AC) sheets are weather-proof and corrosion resistant. They are practically ageless and   maintenance free as compared to metal sheets which corrode and deteriorate with age and exposure.
  • AC sheets and pipes are corrosion and erosion-free. Once properly laid and jointed, they need no maintenance or replacement.
  • AC sheets have proven to be the most cost effective,   easy-to-install, strong and durable roofing material for warehouses, factories, low-cost housing, as well as practically any structure needing a roof.
  • Keeping in mind the challenges of a rapidly increasing population and limited resources, the manufacture of AC   products consumes low energy and does not in any way deplete natural resources.

The table below compares the characteristics of asbestos cement roofing sheets with corrugated galvanised and aluminum sheets.

  Characteristics Asbestos cement sheets Corrugated galvanised Aluminum sheets
 1  Life Span (Years) 50 (Min.) Non-Corrosive 10-15 N.A.
 2  Maintenance years Nil Every 3-5 Nil
 3 Fire Rating Retardant Tendency to twist & melt Tendency to twist & melt
 4 Thermal Insulation Good Poor Poor
 5 Acoustic Rating Good Poor Poor
 6 Absorption of rain and wind noise Good (deadens these noises) Poor Poor
 7 Energy consumption required in production (kwh/Sqm) 2.40 36.6 33.0
 8 Man Power Potential Intensive Low Low
 9 Wind resistance when installed Good Poor Poor
10 Weather effect Oxidation None None Surface
11 Condensation corrosion Low High High
12 Effect of high rattling sound Minimum Unacceptable Rattling
13 Noise level Low High High
14 Protective Coating Not required Required Required
15 Storage in open space at work site Can be stored godown for storage to avoid weather assaults Can be stored godown for storage to avoid weather assaults Needs to be closed
16 Coverage Efficiency into account lap losses Approximately 50% higher, taking only 67% into account lap losses Effective laid area becomes only 67% as compared to AC Sheets Effective laid area becomes only 67% as compared to AC Sheets
17 Cost Low High Highest


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