Thai swine farmers urge government to review asbestos ban

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Sources: Matichon, Voice TV Channel

Mr. Surachai Sutitham, SAT president, disclosed that swine farmers were very worried about the government policy of the banning of asbestos chrysotile.

Swine farms utilize asbestos products for their strong, durable ability, as well as reasonable price. Moreover, asbestos chrysotile roof conditions the right temperature that is best for swine growth. He also shared about UK farmers who struggled with the ban, which resulted in the closing of 160 swine farms.

Many people and the livestock, agriculture, industrial sectors would suffer from an enormous economic burden of Bht 500,000 million, he added. Therefore, he urged government to conduct further study on the case carefully before taking any enforcement. The government should make it clear whether chrysotilecaused any health problems or not. Currently there is no such evidence in Thailand. Otherwise, most Thai farmers are poor and would not be able to handle the enormous cost.

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