Rotterdam Convention Meeting Concludes in Favour of Chrysotile Asbestos

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MOSCOW, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Alliance of Trade Union Organisations "Chrysotile", welcomes the results of the Rotterdam Convention meeting. Thanks to the consolidated position of 10 countries — Russia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Pakistan, India, Iran and Cuba — chrysotile asbestos was not included in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention, which sets limits for international trade of hazardous chemical substances.Chrysotile asbestos is the safest commercial fibre, used mainly for production of high-density roofing materials, facade boards and pipes. This material has unique qualities: fire resistance, plasticity, low electrical conductivity. In developing countries chrysotile products represent important construction materials, which allow to build high-quality, durable and affordable housing.Banning chrysotile asbestos could have potentially disastrous consequences, including unemployment, impoverishment, and a decrease in the availability of governmental programmes for providing housing and drinking water to residents.It's important to note those who oppose chrysotile have no convincing arguments to support banning the mineral. Based on numerous studies carried out by international organisations, specialist research institutes and scientific groups, the International Alliance of Trade Union Organisations "Chrysotile" asserts that the controlled use of chrysotile asbestos and its products is safe for both workers and consumers.The ban of chrysotile asbestos is unjustified and would inevitably lead to disastrous consequences. That is why during the Rotterdam Convention meeting, workers supported the pro-chrysotile movement by means of public rallies and demonstrations.Dmitry Selyanin, Counselor of the International Alliance of Trade Union Organisations "Chrysotile", explained his position: "Asbestos is a mineral that gives life to cities, provides shelter to billions people from all over the world, provides work for hundreds of thousands of people. We are for chrysotile!" Also, we are confident that it would be impossible to achieve such a result without the consolidated approach from the Government of Russiaand EEC countries, which made efforts to study the issue in detail.View original content:

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