Chrysotile asbestos ban faces strong argument

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4 organizations have voiced their worries against the chrysotile asbestos ban. Livestock, agriculture, industrial and people sectors would be burdened of over Bht 500,000 million if the ban materializes. In UK, a similar ban caused significant damage to retail and farmers.

Mrs. Srichan Uthayopas, former director of Hazardous Substances Control and former director of Water Technology and the Industrial Pollution Management Bureau, Department of Industrial Works, explains that Chrysotile has been used in Thailand for over 70 years. A number of research have supported that the rate of possibility that Chrysotile-cement products can cause health problems is very low. Even if substitute products such as PVA are in use, the usage life ofPVA is approximately 10 years.

Mr. Prayong Leangyou, representing communities from Bangkok and vicinity, said that rumors about the banning of chrysotile materials cause them anxiety. The ban might force them to demolish their houses.

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